Waste Heat Recovery System To Pre Heat The Boiler Feed Water From Flue Gas Heat Capacity To Suit Client Requirement .These are known for their higher efficiency & increases the performance of the boilers.

We manufacture economizers in various designs including C.I GILLED, FINNED TUBE, S.S TUBE, ETC.

Our Economisers are operator friendly with easy acess to cleaning and mainteanance.

CI Gilled Tube Economizer:

We provide cast iron gilled tube economizers. Our cast iron gilled tube economisers are fabricated using graded cast iron fins, duly shrunk fitted on seamless carbon steel and alloy steel tubes. These are manufactured under the direction of qualified engineers to ensure only quality product with no air-gap between the tubes and the gills. These economizers have the following features:

  • High optimum efficiency due to proper contact of gills with tubes.
  • Commonly used in plants where intoxicated flue gas is generated due to the quality of fuel burnt.
  • Used commonly in process industries, chemical plants and waste heat boilers.
  • IBR & 3rd party inspection undertaken.

Finned Tube Economizer

Manufactured with square or round shaped fins duly seal-welded on carbon steel seamless tubes, these finned tube economizers are used where there is a paucity of space.

Fabricated under direct supervision of qualified and experienced engineers, these finned tube economizers are fabricated ensuring proper contact between the fins and the tubes.  No gap is allowed for air between the tube and the fin and best possible heat transfer factor is ensured. Features of finned tube economizers are:

  • These are fabricated as per the customer’s drawings and specifications or tailor made based on the data of boilers and gases provided by the buyers.
  • IBR or 3rd party inspection undertaken.