Main flame monitoring system

Flame Eye FE 4 UV/IR

Multi -Fuel Flame Surveillance

Twin Channel Monitoring with Shutter Self Check


The UV and IR Cells are incorporated into a single head assembly, reducing the number of Viewing Heads required on multi-fuel burner applications. Both signal sources are passed from the Viewing Head to the Head Transmitter where they are conditioned into a single analogue signal, which feeds into one Flame Monitor Control Unit. This gives greater flexibility, especially where viewing space is limited.

  • Shutter Self Check
  • Excellent Discrimination between Burner and Background
  • Volt Free Contact for Alarm and Flame On
  • Fully adjustable Gimble with Air Purge attachement
  • Analogue Flame Signal Level Readout
  • Output for Remote Flame Level Meter




Oil Flame Monitoring

Advanced Flame Monitoring System

For Supervision of all types of Flames in Industrial Multi-Burner Boilers, Process Fired Heaters and Incinerators.


  • Excellent discrimination between adjacent or opposite burner
  • Fully fail-safe self-checking design
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Continuous readout of flame and threshold levels
  • Electronic head testing – no mechanical shutter
  • Based on infra-red (IR) detectors sensing the high frequency flicker in the flame
  • Low power consumption (10 Watt)
  • 4 Selectable high pass filter characteristics for improved discrimination
  • Constant flame signal over wide turndown range due to use of high frequency flicker flame
  • Easily adjustable gain and threshold
  • Easy access to viewing head lens for cleaning
  • Quick disconnect plug at viewing head
  • Available in 115VAC / 230VAC / 24VDC
  • CE Approval

General Description

The Flame Eye Flame monitoring system consists of a viewing head, which is mounted on the burner front and powered by remote signal processor unit. The signal processor unit is housed in an IP65 enclosure and consists of signal processing circuitry, display drive, Flame “On/Off” relays, Fault relay and 4-20mA analogue output for remote Flame indicator.

How It Works

The viewing head uses a solid-state photo detector that responds to the high frequency flicker in the flame. This fluctuating signal is then converted to balance signal lines for transmission to the signal processor unit. The use of balanced signal lines enables a high rejection of electrical interference to be achieved.



Flame Eye FE2020 (Portable Unit)

Credfeld are able to supply portable Flame Eye FE2020, which comes complete with a re-chargeable battery, aluminium carry case and Viewing head complete with 3M lead. The portable unit enables easy and quick setup to check flame signals without having to connect to a power supply.

flame monitor tester2