An internal gear rotor drives an eccentric, extremely toothed gear. The rotor and the toothed wheel are sealed with a fixed crescent.

These special pumps are constructed on the basis of the renowned internal gear pumps technology and are also equipped with roller bearings and compensation for hydraulic forces and play.

Internal gear pumps have been in use for more than 60 years and are used in many areas of industry because of their favorable construction and design.


Oil Burning Systems

As oil burner pumps, closed circular pipe and transfer pumps for all fuel oils EL, L, M, S, ES, coal tar oils, lignite tar, kerosene.

Mineral Oil Industry:

As feed pumps for oils, grease, tar and bitumen

Ship Building:

As lubricating oil pumps and booster pumps for lubricating, diesel and heavy oils.

Machine Construction:

As hydraulic pumps in hydraulic control units, as lubricating pumps for lubricating oils and greases, as cooling water pumps water-oil emulsions.


Pump casings are made of hydraulic cast iron (CG 25); rotor is of CK 70; pinion is iron/coal; up to 200°C Viton.


Thermoelastic high-performance shaft seals for oil temperatures of over 200°C are available upon request.


Self – priming, self – lubricating, practically non – pulsating, quiet – running, practically maintenance - free, pressure proof and vacuum – tight shaft seals.

Operating Pressures: 0 – 40 bar

Temperatures: up to 200°C

A015-150 Lit / hr.

A030-300 Lit / hr.

A045-450 Lit / hr.

A060-600 Lit / hr.

B10-1000 Lit / hr.

B15-1000 Lit / hr.

B20-1000 Lit / hr.

B25-1000 Lit / hr.

C30-3000 Lit / hr.

C45-4500 Lit / hr.

C60-6000 Lit / hr.


L – Direction of rotation anticlockwise

R - Direction of rotation clockwise

D01 – with built in relief valve

D02 - without built in relief valve

D03 - with built in relief valve and also external bypass arrangement

D04 – without relief valve for special application


B 10 L D01

B 10 Capacity 1000 lit./hr. @ 10 kgs/cm sq

L – Direction of rotation anticlockwise looking from shaft end.

D01 Provided with inbuilt pressure relief valve.


  • Body made up of superior grade Alloy casting
  • Internals of wear / abrasion resistance alloy steel
  • Provided with needle bearing & mechanical seal
  • Simple attachment with flange
  • Self & quick priming, quite vibration free running
  • Self lubricating


Series: AN

Pump with integral pressure regulator.

Pressure Range: 7 – 14 / 8 – 28 bars

Flow Range: @ 2850 rpm, 5cst, 10 bars: 40 – 130 I/h


Series: AS

Pump with integral by pass solenoid valve which controls combination pressure regulator and piston cut-off valve.

Pressure Range: 7 – 14 / 10 –15 bars

Flow Range: @ 2850 rpm, 5cst, 10 bars: 40 – 80 I/h


Series: E

E series pump is renowned worldwide for medium capacity industrial applications.

Pressure Range: 14 –30 bars

Flow Range: @ 2850 rpm, 20cst, 20 bars: 180 – 380 I/h


Series: J

Pump for medium capacity light oil burners, incorporates combination pressure regulator and cut-off valve.

Pressure Range: 7 – 14 / 10 – 21 / 14 - 30 bars

Flow Range: @ 2850 rpm, 5cst, 10 bars: 160 – 330 I/h


Series: TA

Item: Higher capacity than the TA Series, this pump regulates pressure via a separate TV valve.

Pressure Range: 40 bars max.

Flow Range: @ 2850 rpm, 20cst, 20 bars: 1380 – 3900 I/h