Reflex - Magnetic Level Controller

Reflex Gauge Glass & Level Controller:

In this kind of level gauge, the medium is contained within two glasses whose surfaces are both smooth. The medium level can be easily observed looking through the glasses. Thanks to its resistant glasses, this level gauge is particularly suited to be used with aggressive media or in the presence of steam, since protective mica shields can be installed between the medium and the glass.

In order to improve visibility under special operating conditions, an illuminator can be mounted on one side of the transparent level gauge.

The grooved glass, reflects light striking the gas/ steam. Steam thus appears,silver white.Light striking the liquid is totally refracted and absorbed, the liquid therefore appers dark.


Steam35bar Sturated.

Process -160Bar 400deg.

Center to center Length Available:-Up To 2700mm

Also available:-

  1. Inclined Type of Reflex Gauge for viewing Level of Gauges mounted at a Height, the type used widely in Sugar Industries.
  2. Direct Weld-On type Gauges / Welded directly on the Vessel.

Available in Forged Carbon Steel/ Forged Stainless Steel Shut-Off valves and

Cocks:- Forged Steel with Standard Safety Ball Check Arrangement.

Glasses:-Toughened Borosilicate- Klinger make.

Standard Accessories like Heating Jacket,Non- Frosting Blocks, Expansion compensator, Tie-Rod and Illuminator to IP20 /54 and Ex- Proof to IP-65 can be provided with the Gauges, renowned for Safety, Accuracy and Reliability, the World Over.

Float Magnetic Switch

We have established ourselves as leading name in the field of Liquid Magnetic Float Level Switch in the market .

Switching is achieved with the unique magnet system, giving snap-action latch-on switching. A switch mechanism is mounted inside the enclosure adjacent to the pressure tube. Vertical movement of the float magnet in the pressure tube simultaneously actuates the secondary and tertiary magnets in the switch mechanism to operate the contacts.


  • Snap-action
  • Accurate mechanism
  • Easy to maintain

Other Details:

  • Single, Bilevel and multilevel sensing with potential free contacts
  • Float : SS-316/PU Foam/Poly propylene/BUNA-N
  • Mounting : Flange, Threaded in MS / SS or TC joint
  • Terminations: cable / DIN connectors / RTD head / weather proof or flame proof junction box
  • Suitable upto 90 degree


  • Scientific laboratory
  • Research centres
  • Chemical industries

Technical Specifications:

  • Float : S.S.316 or Teflon Coated or PP / PVDF/Monel
  • Flange : Mini 1” NB to Any Size in C.S. or S.S.304 or
  • S.S.316 or S.S. Lined C.S. Etc
  • Reed Switch with Rhodium Contact
  • SPST / SPDT .
  • Rating : 0.5 Amp @ 240 VAC
  • Switch Housing : Die Cast Aluminium, Weather Proof IP 65( Enclosure ) ( IS – 2147 ) 
  • Flame Proof to II A, II B ( IS – 2148 CMRSDhanbad Approved )
  • Operating Pressure : 10 Kg / Cm2Operating Temp : Maxi. 1000 C.
  • Cable Entry : ½” NPT ( F ) OR ¾” ET ( F )
  • No of Switches : As Per Customer Requirement
  • Stem Length : Up to 5 Meters