Piston Valves:

Product Specification and Range for Klinger/Forbes/Equi

Incorporating the patented, proven world famous Seatless and Glandless sealing principle, this piston valve

has proven it self many times over, with its superlative performance and class VI leakage, with all

critical applications like Acids, Gases, Vacuum, Heat Transfer media, Steam etc.

Available in Cast Carbon and Stainless Steels,Forged Carbon and Stainless steel and other alloy

steels in size15mm to 200mm. Approved By all Consultants and Statutory and regulatory Authorities

like IBR etc.

The piston Valves can be provided with added features like heating jacket,Electric and electro pneumatic Actuator,

Regulating characteristics, Extended Spindles etc, for pressure classes to ANSI#300 / Class#800 /DINetc.

  1. Seatless Valves.
  2. Economic ,easy to service
  3. Leak –tight across ports and to atmosphere
  4. No erosion of sealing surface
  5. saves energy, environment friendls
  6. maintenance free