Lafil Industrial Burners:

Lafil industrial burners are pressure jet spill return fully automatic with stepless modulation & operate on oil, gas & dual fuels.

They have been designed & manufactured to high standards in order to meet the widest demands. The burners can be used on a wide range of equipment like boilers, hot oil heaters, hot air generators & furnace. High turndown ratios can be achieved without deterioration in combustion quality. Operation can be totally automatic and dual fuel burners can also be supplied for combined fuel burning. Lafil burners are designed for low excess & are totally compatible with on line oxygen trimming systems which regulate excess air thus ensuring good combustion at all loads. Lafil also supply oxygen trimming systems for all suppliers. Custom made burners for fuels like blast furnace gas & other lean gases can be supplied on request. Proper selection of burner is based upon factors such as equipment capacity, furnace pressures, type of load & design of furnace. The burners can be supplied with blower, control panel, oil pumps, oil preheaters, duplex filters & gas trains etc.