Fire Side Soot Eradicator


SLAG, CLINKER INHIBITOR Fireside Soot Eradicator.

DESCRIPTION AND USE : AT-TREAT-578 is a product for use in boilers using either oil or solid fuel. AT-TREAT- 578 reduces smut emission and soot deposits and corrosion clinker and slogging in the boilers.The environmental nuisance of smut emission is greatly reduced or even eliminated.

GENERAL SPECIFICATION : Apperance : Grey white powder Non-flammable.

TREATMENT AND DOSAGE REQUIREMENT : AT-TREAT-578 should be applied to the furnace as a shot dose, once or twice a day. Continuous application is not desirable. The period between treatments should only be greater than 24 hours in very small installations. The dose is normally one part AT-TREAT-578 to 10,000 parts of fuel, by weight. 6 kg AT-TREAT-578 for 1000 M Ton fuel. Also available in stick (rod) & Bottle packing 5 kg of Fireside additive per 12 Hr. and 1 kg for superheater. (55 tons Boiler).

PRODUCTION BENEFITS : Reduces soot deposits and smut emission. Minimises fireside corrosion. Reduce slogging May be introduced to a fouled boiler to soften fireside deposits. Form modified ash which has a higher melting point & pH, thus is less sticky & less acidic which in term is less corrosive an more easily removed.

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