Condensate Recovery System


Any process that allows energy contained in Steam condensate to go unutilised, is losing money in terms of fuel costs. Steam condenses to water at saturated temperature and so, depending on the pressure during condensation, the temperature of water may be 100 oC or more. Heat content in condensate is about 20% of the fuel energy burnt in the boiler. This is usable heat energy; it would be waste of money and resources, if not recycled for reuse as boiler feed water or any process hot water requirement. Lafil Thermocompressor systems, condensate contaminate detection systems, Pressure powered pumps & condensate heat recovery systems  are some of the specialised equipment that help make the best use of the energy available in condensate. Depending on your unique requirements, our engineers can suggest solutions for you to extract the maximum from your condensate and save fuel costs.

Typical Installation