Steam Superheater – Tube Bank – Water Wall Panel

Steam boilers can produce low quality steam that requires additional superheating of the steam after water vaporization. Removal of water vapor from a steam system is critical to maintaining performance. LAFIL steam superheating systems, coupled with SCR power control, can provide instantaneous drying of process steam while only using the exact amount of power needed. This results in a steam supply that is both consistent temperature and quality throughout the distribution lines.


Materials of construction include carbon steel, stainless steel, as well as nickel and specialty alloys.
SCR Power control adjusts rapidly to flow variations.
Controller schemes can regulate temperature to +/-1°F.
Boilers, superheater, power control panels can all be assembled on a modular skid package.
We manufacture and export Super Heater Coil. These are fabricated out of carbon steel and alloy steel tubes to customers’ drawings and specifications. These super heater coils are used in primary or secondary stages of super heaters of Thermal Power Plants or Captive Power Plants. Special care is taken for ovality and thinning at the bent portion, during fabrication. Customised or tailor made coils are offered. IBR or 3rd party inspection undertaken.

BANK TUBES: Boiler Bank Tubes are Bent to Shape Tubes or Steam Generating Tubes where Water is converted to Steam. Boiler Bank Tubes carry a mixture of water and steam. Fabricated from Tubes in various sizes and shapes, bending of these tubes is generally to larger Radius hence they need some Tube Bending Expertise to avoid wrinkles, surface cracking, irregularities, ensuring long life of tube resulting in smooth and efficient operation of the Boiler.

These tubes for replacements in boilers have been supplied by us to various industries like Sugar, Refineries Steel Plants, small and Large Utility / Captive Power Plants. These Shaped Tubes are generally fabricated from Seamless/ ERW Tubes. The sizes of tubes having different shapes vary from 114 mm OD. X 4 mm Thk. to 50.8 mm OD. X 5.60mm Thick with or without Swaged Ends and with or without Welded Fins and with Wrap.

WATER WALL PANELS: are used in modern day Boilers in place of Steam Generating Tubes to reduce heat loss due to their gas tight nature and reduce insulation costs. We fabricate Water Wall Panels using automatic Fin to tubes welding machines and large Tube Panel Benders to achieve desired shape of panels which can have Swaged Ends, Stub Welded to Headers. We supply Panels with integrated manhole openings in the panels.

We have fabricated panels made of Rifle Bore Tubes of Size 50.8 mm OD x 5.6 Mm MWT conforming to SA- 210 Gr. C in Lengths of upto 24 mtrs. X max.28 tubes (2 mtrs. wide) with Straightness within a tolerance of + / – 3mm.

BOILER DRUM: We offer high quality fabrication services of Boiler Drums. Our drums maintenance and installation services are widely acclaimed in the market for the features like cost efficiency, reliability, flexible approach and quality compliance. We have hired trained employees, who are fully conversant with the current technology of the fabrication industry. Our boiler installation and repairing services find use in different thermal based industries.